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Register for our webinar and watch our experts demonstrate a live installation.
Coala Interior Film
Thursday, 20th May
10:00 - 11.00am
During this live, hour long webinar, discover the new 2021 Coala Interior Film range and watch a live installation demonstration!

Our expert will give new life to a door and a wall, as well as a furniture renovation using the thermoforming technique to cover corners and non-flat surfaces.

Register to explore this innovative range and installation techniques and get inspired for your own space renovations.
Coala Interior Film offers an extensive catalogue of over 650 references that perfectly meets the needs of brands, interior architects and space designers across multiple sectors and industries.

Easy to maintain, antibacterial, UV and fire resistant, the Coala Interior Film range is capable of transforming walls, furniture, doors and other surfaces to transform spaces and reduce waste.
Coala Interior Film Binder and
Maxi Swatch tools are available
Give a new life to any type of interior
surface with Coala Interior Film
Mike Collins
Product Manager

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