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Evidencing your green credentials as a business, and providing your customers with an environmentally sound proposition and product offering is vital in today’s market.

It has long been the case that you can carbon balance your paper products through Antalis and our partners; but you can now offset the carbon on papers, packaging and visual communication products too – offset right to your door!
We work with two leading partners to offer you choice in which projects you would like to support. Each scheme is summarised below for your consideration.

This scheme enables you to offset the carbon generated across our whole product range. Choose to plant new indigenous woodland across the UK and Ireland, or protect forestry at risk of deforestation in South America.

The scheme is suitable for paper, packaging and visual communication products including plastics, aluminium composite and nylon material ranges supplied by Antalis. It works by the purchase of carbon credits, which are directly traceable to your chosen woodland, providing you with a certificate showing the amount of carbon you have balanced and the number of trees planted or area of land protected. The carbon calculations are credible, backed by the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code, and covers the complete production of your product, delivered to your door.

Certifications and logos are provided to you, so that you can demonstrate your eco-credentials in front of your customers, your staff, and your competition. 

Carbon Balanced Paper is facilitated by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, through the preservation of high conservation value forests in Vietnam, one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth.

Carbon Balanced Paper takes the carbon emissions created in the production of a paper (or paper-based packaging) and then purchases the equivalent amount of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance. This ‘locks in’ carbon that would otherwise be released and secures its continued absorption from the atmosphere.

You simply purchase credits alongside your order for paper or paper-based packaging and receive a certificate showing the amount of carbon you have balanced and the area of land protected which can be used in your marketing and sales efforts. You’ll also have access to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper logo that can be printed on your products to show your commitment.

To understand more about how you can implement carbon offsetting in your business, either fill out the below form, contact your Antalis representative, or email

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