In this issue we highlight the environmental topics. Protect the future - this is where we are heading. In our actions, product selections and consultancies.

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Protect The Future With

 Planet-Friendly Packaging

Antalis is launching the eco-responsible approach named Protect the Future as at Antalis we're passionate about our role in encouraging sustainable practices within the packaging industry and we believe, in order to protect the future, we must take action today. That's why we're reviewing our entire value chain to make planet-friendly packaging possible. Outlining our commitment to eco-responsibility, we've considered the complete packaging life cycle, from sourcing and design to distribution and recycling, in order to accelerate positive change and protect the future for us all.

Through the sharing of our knowledge, promoting best practice and offering advice, we're here to help support you on your sustainability journey. Stay tuned, more info to come in the Autumn.

New voidfill product - easy and ecological option for responsible packaging

We are happy to introduce the new product in Antalis packaging assortment – the paper void fill made of recycled kraft material.

PaperFill is ideal for filling empty spaces in the carton box and to protect your products and suits perfectly to e-commerce companies.
As the demand for environmentally friendly products and packaging materials is increasing, this is perfect option to responsible packaging as paper is an recyclable and biodegradable.

The 450 meters long reel is placed on cardboard box which also functions as dosator. It is easy and convenient to use and it can be placed right on spot.
PaperFill does not require any device or electric power for usage.

See the product sheet (pdf)                                                                       Go to e-shop

New player - welcome the hybrid hand stretch film -  about 30% less impact!

Antalis is proud to introduce the new and eco-friendly hybrid hand stretch film that contains 30% of recycled PCR and 70% of virgin grade plastics.

The product is available in 3 options - 17, 20 and 23 my.

The hybrid film generates about 30% less CO2 equivalents than 100% virgin LDPE
► Hybrid film is more ecological than sugarcane based or biogradeable films
Reusing plastics is sustainable solution that eally saves environment and has impact on global pollution and warming

Download product sheet                               Ask more info from your sales contact

All Master'in postal boxes are FSC®-certified

We are proud to announce that Antalis packaging brand Master'in box range is certified. The certificate concerns the postal packaging starting from wrap-around series to boxes with automatic bottom!

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All Ranpak EMEA paper is now FSC®-certified

From Spring 2021, all paper packaging products made by paper protective packaging producer Ranpak EMEA will be FSC®-certified. Certifying all of papers is the final step to creating a fully sustainable chain of custody – Ranpak has already used a number of FSC-certified papers for many years. Moving to 100% certification is another step in our mission to ‘Deliver a Better World’.

FSC certification will now be listed on invoices, pallets and in the near future on the L-shapes and roller stickers.



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